Long-distance love stories

We will be publishing, a few at a time, the stories that so many "long-distance parents" have generously shared with us, demonstrating their great love, generosity and humanity.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of them!

Sister Laura in America

These days Sister Laura Girotto, together with the journalist Niccolò d'Aquino and the biologist Anna Carobene, is travelling through USA and Canada. She is sharing the story of her mission in Adwa and appealing to the solidarity of Americans.


School is over, holidays are coming, but we’d like to publish how many scholars, teachers, parents helped our children in Adwa this year.

Volunteers' testimonies


Presentazione oculisti CarolinaPaltrinieri25When do you walk along Adwa you can’t help but thinking about the future and how you would like it. Let’s think about an ophthalmologist who receive in a modern and equipped clinic. Let’s think about an optic who produce and distribute glasses, not existing in Ethiopia.

Happy Easter 2018


Dear Friends,

We wish you all a Happy Easter from the Associazione Amici di Adwa which this year turns 20!

Christmas letter 2017 by Sister Laura

Dear parents and friends,

our traditional Christmas meeting is unusual for this year, but particularly rich in joy: we are completing  the first two lanes of the hospital, which we hope to inaugurate the 24 May 2018, on the feast of Mary Help of Christians.

Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter to all my friends reading this.

This time, I'm writing to you from Italy, where I am recovering after my umpteenth surgery, a reverse shoulder prosthesis. It’s the result of having used my arm and shoulder too much in working, carrying heavy weights, perhaps in cradling children. I’ve held so many of them in my arms, sweet weights to care for, console, and love. The same children that you help us take care of, giving them the gift of life and a future. This is why I’ve started this letter by wishing you a HAPPY EASTER, or HAPPY CELEBRATION OF LIFE, life that wins despite pain, suffering, death.

Report on dental and medical assistance

From 25/12/16 to 20/1/17 the assistance was offered by A.S.P.O.S. (associazione solidale padovana operatori sanitari) volounteers inside the Mission Kidane Meheret in Adwa:
-total visits 744
-extractions 525
-fillings 74
-reconstructions 34
-prothesis 36
-washings 36
-visits 58
-root canal treatments 17