Sister Laura in America

These days Sister Laura Girotto, together with the journalist Niccolò d'Aquino and the biologist Anna Carobene, is travelling through USA and Canada. She is sharing the story of her mission in Adwa and appealing to the solidarity of Americans.


On February 15-17 she joins the New Yourk Encounter, "for a weekend of public discussions, exhibits and live performances to explore this Something and encounter people who face life aware of this expectation."

On sunday (17) sister Laura shares her missionary story in Ethiopia: meeting at 3:15 PM - Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th St., NYC - Auditorium, second floor.

More informations about the book "The Blue Tent" here


On February, 21, sister Laura will be in Boston for a charity concert at M.I.T.

In the following days, she will go to Washington and Ottawa.

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Update feb. 18: pictures of New York Encounter

Watch the interview at New Your Encounter on Telemater - youtube channe

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Update feb 19: sister Laura visits the U.N. headquarters and meets journalists

Read the article on ONU ITALIA website

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